Certifications & Terminology

New Day and its instructors hold multiple certifications

PATH  – Professional Association of Therapeutic Riding International







CHA – Certified Horsemanship Association

New Day is proud to partner with several local psychologists, counselors, medical and social services providers.


PATH Intl. Premiere Accredited Center A member center that has been successfully evaluated to be in compliance with PATH Intl. standards. New Day received their Premiere Accreditation status in 2012 and remains current.

PATH Intl. Certified Instructor – An instructor of therapeutic horsemanship who is certified by PATH Intl. at the Registered, Advanced or Master level.  Certified instructors have completed specialized educational training to ensure competency in the areas of disabilities, recreational therapeutic activities, instructional abilities, horsemanship and equine safety. New Day has 5 Registered Instructors.   Specialty certifications are offered in expanded areas.  New Day has 3 instructors that have a specialty certification as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning.

PATH Intl. Registered Therapist – A licensed therapist or therapist assistant (PT, OT, SLP, COTA, PTA) who has registered with PATH Intl. upon completion of the American Hippo therapy Association, Inc. approved hippo therapy coursework and the requisite number of hours of practice in hippo therapy.

Mental Health Professional – A licensed and/or credentialed medical professional who specializes in the treatment of individuals with psychiatric, psychological, emotional or behavioral diagnoses.   New Day works directly with Dr. Jean Deters a licensed Psychologist.

Horse handler, horse expert, equine professional, horse leader, equine specialist – Terms which may be used to indicate the person handling the equine during a session and/or training and conditioning the equine for participation in equine assisted activities and therapies. Usage may vary by discipline. The HPOT session where a horse is long lined might have a horse handler, whereas, the person leading the horse in a therapeutic riding lesson may be the horse leader.  New Day has developed a volunteer program that currently consists of many trained volunteers to fill the roles of horse handler and horse leader.  These volunteers assist with the delivery of lessons and assist with the required conditioning of the horses.

Therapeutic – An activity is therapeutic if a participant derives benefit, shows improvement or feels better once engaged. An activity can be therapeutic without being considered as therapy. In general, EAAs may be described as therapeutic, but they are not therapy or are not considered treatment without fulfilling specific requirements. (See Therapy, defined below)

Therapy – Claims of providing therapy or treatment, or billing for services with a third party, may be done only by a licensed/credentialed professional such as a PT, OT, SLP, psychologist, social worker, MD, among others.