Activity/Non-Lesson Horse Leader – Ages 15 & Up

Activity/Non- lesson Horse Leader – Age 15 & Up

Communication through body language

  • Demonstrate ability to read horse & respond
  • Demonstrate body language that provides clear communication with the horse
  • Demonstrate appropriate praise for work done by equine
  • Demonstrate correct body position of leader at halt, walk, trot and turn
  • Leader does not contribute to horse stress level


  • Demonstrate proper hand placement with two hands on the lead rope
  • Should  not be grabbing buckle of lead rope or halter
  • Should not have rope so long horse can step over it
  • Demonstrate use of aids such as voice and end of lead rope
  • Demonstrate leading through pasture gates as described in operations manual
  • Demonstrate ability to prevent horse from eating grass
  • Demonstrate leading in and out of stalls as described in operations manual


  • Demonstrate correct placement of halter
  • Demonstrate leading in and out of stalls as described in operations manual
  • Demonstrate grooming bay procedures as described in the operations manual
  • Demonstrate proper use of grooming tools
  • Demonstrate proper care of hooves

Tacking & Un-Tacking

  • Demonstrate ability to prepare tack according to posted tack sheets
  • Demonstrate proper placement of head gear
  • Demonstrate proper placement of saddle and pads
  • Demonstrate proper girthing procedures
  • Demonstrate ability to return tack in organized manner to the appropriate location

Ability to work in a team environment

  • Demonstrate ability to follow posted directions
  • Communicate with team members
  • Demonstrate awareness of surrounds and ability to respond accordingly

Emergency Procedures

  • Can explain emergency procedures as it applies to your responsibilities
  • Ability to respond to any situation appropriately and in a timely manner

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