Lesson Leader – Ages 17 & Up

Lesson Leader – Ages 17 & Up

Communication through body language:

  • Demonstrate ability to read the horse & respond
  • Demonstrate body language that provides clear communication with the horse
  • Demonstrate appropriate praise for work done by the horse
  • Demonstrate proper body position of leader at halt, walk, trot and turn
  • Leader does not contribute to horse stress level

Warm-Up Exercise

  • Demonstrate disengaging haunches, moving forehand and backing
  • Demonstrate introducing all lesson props and equipment
  • Demonstrate proper hand placement with two hands on lead rope
  • Should not be grapping buckle of lead rope or holding the halter
  • Should not have rope so long that the horse or leader trip over it
  • Demonstrate use of aids such as voice, end of lead rope and dressage whip


  • Demonstrate maintaining rhythm at the active walk for at least 20 minutes consecutively
  • Demonstrate smooth transition between halt, walk, face walk and trot
  • Demonstrate trotting at a consistent pace for long length of the arena
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead the horse straight and has wide smooth turning radius

Mounting Block

  • Demonstrate ability to proper line horse in order according to dressage letters in the arena
  • Demonstrate acknowledgement from rider to bring the horse to the mounting block
  • Demonstrate relaxed, straight entry to the mounting block on the appropriate side
  • Demonstrate asking the horse to square and stand
  • Demonstrate relaxed, slow exit from the mounting block with rider

Ability to work in a lesson environment

  • Follow instructor directions
  • Communicate with the team during lesson
  • Demonstrate the ability to allow the rider to guide the horse while maintaining a safe level of control if needed
  • Demonstrate awareness of surroundings and ability to respond appropriately

Emergency Procedures

  • Knowledge of horse handling procedures and responsibilities during an emergency
  • Ability to respond quickly to any situation appropriately
  • Maintain control of the horse during the emergency

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