Lesson Sidewalker – Ages 16 & Up

Lesson Sidewalker – Ages 16 & Up

Transitioning rider

  • Can explain the procedures for  transitioning a rider to and from the lesson activity
  • Demonstrate the ability to help riders make these transitions
  • Demonstrate proper fit of a helmet
  • Can explain the bathroom procedures


  • Demonstrate proper placement at the mounting block
  • Demonstrate ability to counter-balance weight in off-side stirrup and assist rider’s leg as needed
  • Demonstrate appropriate exit from the mounting block

Sidewalker position

  • Demonstrate ability to coordinate and make spatial adjustments that will allow sidewalker to maintain a position aligned with rider’s leg and no more than an arms-length away
  • Demonstrate ability to adjust position and stride so as not to interfere with the leader’s foot steps
  • Demonstrate ability to trot in described proper position alongside horse/rider down the long side of the arena
  • Demonstrate ability to perform the follow holds: over the thigh, heal hold, foot stirrup hold

Ability to work in a lesson environment

  • Follow instructor directions
  • Demonstrate ability to prompt rider as directed
  • Communicate with team members
  • Demonstrates the ability to allow the rider to guide the horse while maintaining safe a level of control if needed
  • Demonstrate awareness of surroundings and ability to respond accordingly

Emergency Procedures

  • Knowledge of sidewalker procedures and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate responding to a situation by quickly and safely securing an over the thigh hold
  • Demonstrate the ability to respond to any situation appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate emergency dismount

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